Eat Better–for Life!

Our carefully crafted eating plan is specifically designed to get your brain, body and gut working for you instead of against you.

Losing weight—and learning to keep it off—is about more than counting calories. Fueling your body with the right foods at the right times in the right quantities is essential to losing weight.*

Which Plan is Right for You?
  • Smart Carbs

    Smart Carbs

    Controlling carb consumption allows your body to access stored fat and use it for fuel. Lean for Life is a low-glycemic program that helps balance blood sugar and insulin levels so you can shrink your fat cells—and your waistline.*

  • Power Proteins

    Power Proteins

    The right amounts of lean protein increases satiety, reduces hunger and cravings, and maintains lean muscle mass to boost metabolism.*

  • “Good Fats”

    “Good Fats”

    Not all fats are created equal. “Good fats” support brain health, cardiovascular function, metabolic function, and your immune system.*

  • Lean for Life<sup>®</sup> Products

    Lean for Life® Products

    Satisfy your hunger and control your cravings with our great-tasting high-protein, low-carb bars, shakes, snacks and drinks.* Learn more.

*Individual results may vary.