Lean for Life® Online.

Support. Structure. Results We're with you–every step of the way.

Lean for Life Online is a “virtual clinic” that delivers the renowned weight loss program made famous in our Southern California clinics. Every component is designed to support you in achieving results. The program guides you day-by-day, step-by-step, providing proven strategies as you learn to Eat Better, Move More and Stress Less.

You’ll develop healthy habits as you become—and stay—Lean for Life, and you’ll have fun doing it. With 45 years experience gained over 15 million patient visits, we know what works—and we deliver it in a convenient, effective, easy-to-use program.


  • Daily Program Guidance & Support

    Daily Program Guidance & Support

    Daily program guidance from our clinical team provides structure and support. Each day, you’ll read a short chapter from The New Lean for Life book and take a quick 5-question quiz that reinforces essential information. As you provide daily updates on your progress, updated charts and graphs reflect your progress. You’ll receive email messages specifically timed to help you overcome predictable obstacles, and motivational daily audio messages to help you stay focused and inspired as you progress through your program.

  • Digital Tracking Tools

    Digital Tracking Tools

    Your Daily Action Plan, Food Diary and Activity Tracker help you easily monitor your habits—and your improvements—as you progress through your program. Tracking what you eat and your activity, sleep and stress every day provides valuable information—and an opportunity to make adjustments that can enhance your success.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    One-on-One Coaching

    Private, personal one-on-one sessions with your friendly, expert program coach—scheduled at your convenience—help you stay on track. Your coach provides strategies for success, answers questions and helps you overcome obstacles.

  • Delicious, Real Foods

    Delicious, Real Foods

    With our moderate protein, low-carb, “good fats” menu, you’ll never be hungry. Choose from a menu of satisfying foods you’ll find in grocery stores and restaurants. With access to a library of tried-and-true recipes, you’ll never be bored. You’ll eat often—and you’ll eat well.

  • Resource Center

    Resource Center

    Enjoy exclusive access to a comprehensive library of program and health-related questions and answers, as well as short videos that address such subjects as Controlling Cravings, Overcoming Plateaus and The Power of Moving More.