Lean for Life Book

The New Lean for Life isn’t a book you read; it is a book you do. It is intended to be a constant companion along your weight loss journey. After forty years of operating successful weight loss clinics, we know the pitfalls and daily hurdles that derail your best efforts; this book can help you overcome them.

In this book we’ve streamlined the Lean for Life philosophy taught at our Lindora Clinics, and incorporated research from Dr. Reginald Allouche, M.D. The New Lean for Life includes findings from the world of science about the brain’s role in weight loss and provides an eating plan and behavior modifications that help synch your brain, body and gut in order to help you change your habits and get lean instead.

Author Bios

author_cynthia_smBest-selling author Cynthia Stamper Graff is the President and CEO of Lindora, the nation’s largest medical-based weight loss program that has helped more than 750,000 people lose 15 million pounds during its 40-year history (79% of whom have kept off the weight). She has appeared on CNN, “Good Morning America,” NY Times, LA Times, Woman’s Day and Redbook as a leading authority on adult and child weight issues. She was the keynote speaker at the Obesity Society’s annual scientific meeting, one of the world’s largest gatherings of obesity professionals.

Graff is the author of “The New Lean for Life” (her first book sold more than 1 million copies).  This new book was published by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. and co-written by French research and clinician Reginald Allouche, M.D. It establishes the link between body, brain and gut. “The New Lean for Life” is available at bookstores nationwide, Amazon.com and LeanforLife.com.


author_allouche_smRéginald Allouche, M.D., is one of the world’s foremost nutrition experts and the founder of KOT, the number one brand of gourmet diet foods in Europe. A scientific researcher, he has contributed major works on diabetes, insulin control and nutrition in hospitals and is currently concentrating his research in the areas of satiety, fat cell metabolism and intestinal flora. His research has been published in the most prestigious medical journals, including the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (January 2012). To learn more about his work, visit www.drallouche.com.