Our Approach

Lean for Life will help you break the diet cycle once and for all by outsmarting your biology to get your brain, body and gut working for you instead of against you. With expertise gained from 15 million patient visits, we know what works—and what doesn’t.*

  • Eat Better.

    Personalized nutritional guidelines, including whole foods, menu plans, and our Lean for Life nutritional products.

    Learn how food impacts your body, how to reprogram your mind, and control cravings.

  • Move More.

    Step-by-step approach to incorporating physical activity into your life.

    Learn how exercise impacts mood and cravings. We’ll provide a variety of tools, tips, and strategies to help you along the way.

  • Stress Less.

    Relaxing techniques, affirmation, and mindfulness.

    Learn how stress impacts your weight and quality of life, and how to enhance sleep, lessen anxiety and better manage daily challenges.

*Individual results may vary.

4 Phases to Lasting Weight Loss

Founded by Marshall Stamper, M.D. in 1971 and rooted in science, Lean for Life teaches you how to optimize your body’s ability to lose weight and shows you how your unique physiology and psychology work together to impact your body.

All clinic programs begin with a personalized assessment, physical exam and comprehensive blood panel. Whether you choose a 6-week or 10-week plan, you’ll find our unique four-phase approach to be highly effective and easy to follow.

Four Phases to Rapid Weight Loss

Phase 1*

The Prep

The three-day Prep phase prepares your brain, body and gut for optimal results.

This phase transitions you into Rapid Weight Loss, allowing to you satisfy lingering cravings, replenishing your body’s reserves of essential fatty acids and amino acids, and protecting your gallbladder.

*Individual results may vary.

Phase 2*

Rapid Weight Loss

In this phase, you’ll achieve dietary ketosis to accelerate fat burning while increasing satiety, reducing hunger and cravings, and shrinking your fat cells.

You’ll experience increased physical and mental energy, enhanced moods, decreased irritability, a boost in motivation and a reduction in gut inflammation.

*Individual results may vary.

Phase 3*

Metabolic Adjustment

Metabolic Adjustment corrects for the decrease in resting metabolic rate that occurs with calorie restriction.

The goal is to gradually increase calorie intake without gaining weight.

*Individual results may vary.

Phase 4*

Lifetime Maintenance

True weight control is achieved through metabolic equilibrium, which reinforces healthy habits to prevent weight regain.

You’ll learn how to maintain your new weight for a lifetime.

*Individual results may vary.

*Individual results may vary.

The 6 Essentials

  • Make a commitment to learn to be Lean for Life.
  • Learn to control your cravings so they don’t control you.
  • Develop interest and enthusiasm for the process. It will determine your level of success.
  • Learn to recognize and eliminate defensive barriers that can sabotage your success.
  • Learn to use relaxation techniques to minimize and manage stress.
  • Maintain healthy behaviors for lasting success.*

*Individual results may vary.