Lindora Clinic since 1971 personalized weight management

After 40 years of helping people gain control of their weight—and learn to keep it off—we know there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Everyone is unique.

We also know that successful, lasting weight loss requires the right mix of clinical and lifestyle support to fit the way you live. That’s why we take a highly personalized, clinical approach to weight loss and management — with the science and support that’s tailored to you.

Our Lean for Life® approach combines a deep understanding of the science of weight loss with 40 years of clinical data and proven experience in helping people throughout the world achieve their health and weight-loss goals.

Your personal Lindora Clinic team of healthcare professionals—including doctors and nurses who are experts in weight management—will customize a program just for you, and provide the caring, one-on-one support you need to keep going, every day, every step of the way. With daily action plans, we’ll help you become accountable and find new strategies to manage your weight for good.

With more than 15 million patient visits since 1971, our unique, personalized approach is what makes us America’s leading clinical weight management provider.