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When you visit one of our 35 Southern California clinic locations you’ll discover that Lindora is more than a weight loss program. Rooted in science and perfected over 45 years, Lindora programs are designed to get your body burning fat instead of storing it. You’ll better understand why you gained weight in the first place—and how this time will be different. Lindora gives you the power to change—from the inside out.*

36 Southern California Locations

In-Clinic Programs

Our structured in-clinic programs range in duration from 4 weeks to 12 months and offer personalized support from medical professionals you can trust.

  • Private consultation and physical exam with a Lindora Clinic physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Comprehensive lab panels and metabolic fitness assessment.
  • One-on-one clinic treatment sessions—at your convenience—with a friendly nurse at any Lindora Clinic location.
  • Treatment sessions includes weigh-in, review of your Fat Burning Indicator to confirm you’re reducing fat for fuel, a review of your Daily Action Plan and more.
  • Frequent personal biometrics to measure progress and results.
  • Customized tools to track your daily nutritional and activity plans.
  • Recipes and meal planning strategies.
  • Access to a library of FAQs and videos that focus on Controlling Cravings, Overcoming Plateaus, and more.

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36 Southern California Locations

In-Clinic Diabetes Prevention Program

Lean for Life Diabetes Prevention Program (LFLDPP) begins with a personalized assessment to determine and optimize a plan for you. We then help you knock down the barriers to weight loss. Making you smarter every day. Giving you the tools you need to feel supported and stay motivated.

  • 12 months of one-on-one interaction with your clinic team.
  • Comprehensive lab work and exam.
  • Intensive Phase: 10-week program, 2 sessions/week.
  • Continued patient education and support to sustain weight loss and promote health.
  • Weight and activity tracking.
  • Monthly boosters.
  • Additional discounts on Lean for Life® proteins and tools.

Book Your Free Consultation Create a Program That’s Perfect for You

*Individual results may vary.