Lindora Clinic since 1971 personalized weight management

Lean for Life isn’t a diet that expects you to heat up pre-cooked diet meals shipped to you in cardboard cartons. Instead, our menu plan features real, fresh, everyday foods, and we help you learn how to use these foods to maintain a healthy weight for life.

Our program optimizes your weight loss by activating your body’s natural fat-burning system. It emphasizes low-carb, low-fat, moderate-protein foods, while ensuring proper nutrition every step of the way. Our menu plan features a wide selection of delicious foods you’ll find in any grocery store or restaurant, and it can be adapted to meet your unique needs and personal preferences.

We also offer a selection of delicious, nutritious snacks, soups and drinks to supplement your program, giving you fast, easy and convenient options for satisfying your hunger and controlling your cravings.

You’ll never feel like you’re on a diet—because you’re not. And that’s the key to long-term success.

Learning to think differently about food can be challenging. But we’ve made it easy.