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27576 Ynez Road H7, Temecula CA, 92591

Phone: 951-506-3788

Fax: 951-699-5392

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Temecula weight loss clinic has helped our patients become Lean for Life since 2002. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals while transforming your life for the better from the inside out. With our support, you’ll feel empowered to achieve everything you set out to do.

Our Temecula Lean for Life weight loss program is made with you in mind. We’ll start you off with an individualized assessment that allows us to pinpoint any unique or challenging aspects in your life and cater a program around these needs. We’ll take a look at barriers you face, and be with you every step of the way as we work together to take these barriers down. You’ll get stronger and smarter with every passing day, and feel committed to reaching your goals more than ever before.

Our Lean for Life weight loss program uses meal plans that help our patients reduce fat instead of storing it. You’ll eat from a personalized menu plan comprised of whole foods, and based on an effective foundation of smart carbs, power proteins, and good fats. We’ll teach you our core components—Nourish. Move. Breathe.—and help you examine how the ways that you eat, work out, and deal with stress can affect overall health.

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Temecula weight loss center features a four-phase system that’s proven to be highly effective for our patients. The phases—The Prep, Rapid Weight Loss, Metabolic Adjustment, and Lifetime Maintenance—are easy to follow and when combined with all the support and resources our Temecula weight loss center has to offer, you’ll see yourself excelling and achieving your weight loss goals.

Some of Our Services

  • One-on-One Care with Medical Experts and Coaches
  • Customized Fitness Programs
  • Personal Meal Plans
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessments
  • In-Clinic and Online Plans
  • Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies
  • Online Recipes and Digital Tools

For the last 45 years, Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic has worked on creating a therapeutic lifestyle program that will help you do more than lose weight. With a customized program designed for your needs, you’ll live Lean for Life by losing weight and changing for the better—it’s our promise to you.

Live like you mean it.

Live Lean for Life.

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