Stress and Weight

Do you reach for the cookies or chips when you’re feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Eating foods high in sugar and salt is a common response to stress cravings. But many who live stressful lives are successful in managing their eating—and their weight.

What’s their secret? They know that while they can’t always control the stressors in their lives, they can control their response. They’re prepared. They have a plan of action. Instead of reaching for “comfort foods” to cope with the pressures of a crazy day, they drink a large glass of water, wait ten minutes and usually find they’re no longer “hungry.” They take short walks. Even a ten-minute burst of activity shifts their focus—and brain chemistry. They keep fruit, nuts and protein bars handy so when cravings hit, they have healthy snack options.

Stress is a fact of life, but how we manage it makes all the difference.

Written by Dr. Amy Lee, Chief Medical Officer at Lindora Clinic