Dr. Amy Lee on Fox 11: Finding the Right Ketogenic Program

Dr. Amy Lee Discusses Keto Diets

Watch our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Amy Lee, on Fox 11 Los Angeles talking about what ketosis is and how to find a ketogenic (keto) diet that’s right for you.

How do ketogenic diets work?

Ketogenic diets put the body into a metabolic natural state called ketosis. During Ketosis, your body burns stored fat for fuel rather than glucose, which is typically provided by carbohydrates. By reducing carbohydrate intake over a period of time, your body shifts into ketosis and metabolically burns stored fat for energy.

Four tips to find the right keto plan:

Tip One: Avoid Extremes
Any plan that radically restricts your calorie intake is not healthy. Avoid zero carb plans or those that severely restrict your daily calories.

Tip Two: Have a Well Balanced Diet
Look for plans that include a variety of different foods to ensure you’re getting the proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates your body needs. Be sure the eating plan also includes the micronutrients your body needs, like vitamins and trace minerals.

Tip Three: Be Consistent
The answer to losing weight is not starving yourself. Find a plan that allows you to establish a regular eating schedule where you’re eating every couple of hours.

Tip Four: Talk to a Medical Professional
Everybody is different and we all respond differently to different types of food. Discuss your eating plan with a medical professional, who through lab work and exams has an informed understanding of your particular nutritional needs.