Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Wish List

Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be honest. The last thing you need this holiday season is another gift of flannel pajamas or cozy socks. You’ve taken proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and it’s time your holiday wishlist did the same. This season, why not involve friends and family in your fitness journey by giving them healthy gift ideas to stuff your stocking and deck your tree?

From workout equipment to kitchen gadgets, we searched high and low for this year’s best healthy gift ideas. Here are our favorites.

A Fitness Tracker

When it comes to healthy gifts, it doesn’t get much better than a fitness tracker. Stylish and discreet, it’s like having a wellness coach by your side 24-7. Track your physical activity, set fitness goals, and even use built-in apps to connect with friends for inspiration.

Here are a few of the top-market fitness trackers to add to your healthy gift wishlist:

  • Fitbit Charge 3: A sleek interface gives this tracker the look and feel of a trendy smart watch.
  • Garmin vivosmart 4: Get right down to business with a compact, no-frills design that reads more like a traditional fitness tracker.
  • Motiv Ring: If a wristband isn’t your cup of tea, this ring gets the job done.

A Blender Bottle

Protein shakes are a great way to reach your protein goals during a day on the go. But who wants to mess with blending in the car or before a meeting? Enter the blender bottle — a storage container, blender, and cup all in one.

Consider adding one of these popular blender bottles to your healthy holiday gift list:

Healthy Meal Prep Gifts

Your meal plan is full of nutritious, whole foods to boost your metabolism and shrink your waistline. But with a busy lifestyle, managing meal prep isn’t easy. So, why not ask for the gift of convenience with a health-inspired kitchen gadget?

Workout Equipment for Your Wish List

And of course, what would a healthy gift list be without at least one workout-inspired item? Reduce stress  and stay motivated well into the new year with these gift ideas:

  • Punching bag: Burn calories and let loose on the day’s stress with a punching bag like this versatile line from Everlast.
  • Jump rope: If your family needs a stocking stuffer idea, how about a jump rope? The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope or the Elite Surge 3.0 do the trick. 
  • Gym membership: A gym membership is the ultimate gift certificate for your healthy lifestyle.