TV Casting Call!

Would you like to appear in a Lindora TV Commercial?

  • Have you achieved your Lindora weight loss goal?
  • Are you enjoying life at your new, healthy weight?
  • Would you like to inspire and motivate others by sharing your story?
  • Do you have a great “before” photo that shows how much your body, your health and your life have changed?

Lindora Clinic is shooting new TV commercials (and video for our website and other social media opportunities) in early November in the Los Angeles area.

We’ll be featuring a variety of people and stories. Whether you’ve lost 20 pounds or 200 pounds—we want to hear your Lindora success story! Take a few minutes to send us an email and you could end up on TV!

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM Sunday, October 13. We’ll reach out to six (6) people whose stories most inspired us and invite them to participate in our TV shoot which will take place in early November. You could be one of them! Additional entrants may also be selected and featured on our website and in our digital and social media campaign.

How to Apply

Fill out the form below or send an email to that provides answers to all the following questions:

Contact Information & Background

  • Name*
  • Email*
  • Home Address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Available for one day in early November?

Your Lindora Success

  • Date you began your Lindora program
  • Starting weight on the program
  • Current weight
  • How much weight did you lose during your first 10 weeks on the Lindora program?
  • Starting size (Dress/Pants)
  • Current size (Dress/Pants)
  • Before Photo
  • After Photo

Tell Us Your Story

We want to know about you and your Lindora success story. Please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions. All information requested is necessary for consideration. Please do your best to offer as many answers as possible . Thank you!

Part 1

  • How long were you overweight?
  • How did you feel about your body?
  • Did you ever try to lose weight before—and either fail or regain it?
  • Why did you choose Lindora?

Part 2

  • What did you find different about Lindora than other diets or programs you tried?
  • How has life improved since you lost weight?
  • Were you previously taking medication that you no longer need? If so, please tell us about it.

Part 3

  • How do you feel about your body now?
  • How long have you kept the weight off?
  • Is there anything else about your Lindora experience you find interesting and think might inspire others?


  • The six people who are selected to participate in the upcoming shoot in early November will be required to sign a media release granting Lindora permission to feature their image on television, website, social media and other platforms.
  • While participants can expect to be “on set” for 4-5 hours, we encourage you to be available all day during shooting days to allow for commute time, etc.
  • For our TV commercials and other public relations and promotional efforts, our philosophy has always been to feature real people who are interested in sharing their real success stories and motivating others to follow in their footsteps. Lindora does not typically compensate those who participate in our TV shoots or other promotional opportunities.