Denial Quiz

Recognizing and eliminating your “defensive barriers” is essential to losing weight. This quiz can help you determine how denial may be holding you back.

Every “Yes” answer suggests that denial may be playing a role in your life.

1. Do you ever refuse to weigh yourself because you’d rather not know? (The “What I Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me” approach doesn’t help avoid pain; it only delays it and allows it to worsen.)

2. Have you ever blamed the clothes dryer for tighter-fitting clothes? (Unless everyone else in your family has the same problem, this should tell you something.)

3. Do you avoid mirrors, especially when getting out of the shower?

4. Do you ever eat junk food while alone (at home or in the car) and make it a point to throw away the candy, cookie, and potato chip wrappers before anyone else sees them?

5 .Have you ever blamed your weight problem on “thyroid trouble,” “big bones,” or a “slow metabolism,” even though you’ve never had a medical examination that supports your theories?

6. Do you ever exaggerate how long, how often, or how hard you exercise?

7. Do you blame bloat and excess weight on “water retention” resulting from your period, getting ready to begin your period, or having just had your period? (This is an especially questionable excuse if you are male!)

8. Do you avoid mirrors, especially when getting out of the shower?