Convenient meals to grab and go!

Janet, a Lean for Life Online program member, submitted this tip for keeping portion-controlled meals on hand, ready to grab and go! Janet plans her lunch and dinner menus for a week in advance and then makes a trip to the grocery store to purchase everything she needs. When she gets home, she weighs her meat portions, cooks them on a rotisserie and then places them in individual ziplock bags. Then, Janet says, “I measure out my fresh veggies, lettuce, and fruit portions and put them in baggies. Then I get a big ziplock bag and put my protein, lettuce, veggie and fruit servings in the bag. All I have to do is grab a bag that has been counted for carbohydrates and serving size and take it to work. I have my lunches ready to go for the week and then when I come home I grab my selection of bags for my dinner. My husband has to travel a lot so when he is home he grabs bags for his meal and he can select what he wants. It is a mini cafeteria. He even felt like he was lighter around his middle this last weekend. YEAH!”