Party Pointers

“My job requires me to attend at least one cocktail party or event every week. Talk about a challenge! I do fine at breakfast and lunch, but I find these kinds of evening events can be a real set-up for disaster.

Through a lot of trial-and-error, I’ve learned to do things that make it a lot easier for me to stay on my Lean for Life program and still have a good time.

First, I totally avoid alcohol. Not only does alcohol contain a lot of empty calories, but it tends to lower my resistance to impulse eating. Instead, I have mineral water with lime.

I also make a point to avoid the buffets and party platters. It’s a lot easier not to eat when you’re not standing in front of the food. Whenever one of the cater-waiters walks by with a platter of appetizers, I make eye contact with him or her and smile. I don’t even look at the food any more.