Bread is my weakness. Why should I limit it in my diet if I want to lose weight?

Bread (or other carbs such as cereal and pasta) can be converted to fat if people eat too much. We’re more likely to eat too much of it than foods high in protein because it tastes good, is not very filling, and has a pleasant texture in the mouth. Bread tends to be a food that “triggers” overeating for many overweight individuals.

Most bread is refined, which removes much of its natural fiber and vitamins. Fiber, particularly, is important because little is absorbed from the digestive system and is filling. White, refined bread is low in fiber and has a higher glycemic index, which means those calories convert to sugar much faster. The result is a faster increase in blood sugar and insulin release. This release drives your blood sugar down too low too fast, so you require another ‘hit’ of carbohydrates to maintain your energy. These insulin boosts lead to increased fat stores.

If you do eat bread or pasta, we recommend the 100% whole grain type. Look for the words “whole wheat” on the package. Products that are labeled “wheat” or “multi-grain” are not a whole wheat product and do not contain the beneficial amounts of fiber.