Can I follow the Lindora program if I’m nursing my baby?

There is not enough known about how a nursing mother being in mild dietary ketosis would affect the baby, so we recommend that you wait until you completely finish breastfeeding before starting the Lindora program or any ketogenic diet. In addition, being on a weight loss diet with decreased calorie intake and food restrictions may have a negative effect on the baby’s optimal health and well-being. Dieting can also decrease or stop the production of breast milk. As soon as you complete your nursing journey, our doors are open to start the dialogue around your wellness journey.

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Of Note: A study from the University of North Carolina (Greensboro) indicated that breast-feeding women, who lose weight by dieting and exercise between the fourth and 14th week after giving birth, will not hinder the development of the infant’s weight and height. This study included women with a body mass index of at least 25; women with a lower body mass index may obtain different results. The women in the study were averaging one pound a week of weight loss. Some physicians and nutritionists do not agree with the results of this study and recommend waiting four to six months before beginning a weight loss program. At that time, the mother is no longer the only source for nutrition of the infant.