Can I participate in the Lindora program if I take the blood thinner Coumadin?

It is important that individuals who are taking the anticoagulant medication coumadin (warfarin) consult their physician before beginning Lindora, or any other weight reduction program. Your physician will need to be aware that blood volume decreases during the Weight Loss phase of the program, which can affect bleeding/clotting times. PT and PTT blood results should be monitored by your physician throughout the program and medication dosage adjusted accordingly.

In addition, individuals who are taking coumadin should not use Essential Fatty Acid or fish oil supplements without first discussing it with their physician. These supplements may have an anticoagulant effect that can increase bleeding time and prolong clotting.

Many individuals being treated with coumadin have successfully participated in the Lindora program while being monitored by a physician. Lindora clinic patients who are taking coumadin will not receive vitamin injections with their program.