Do I need to take vitamins while on a weight loss program?

When people are eating less food, they often need to add vitamins that they are no longer getting from food. Also, dieting results in water loss along with water-soluble vitamins and minerals. We have a line of vitamins that have been specifically designed for our program and are different from most commercially available ones. The most important difference is in the composition of minerals, which often are lost during weight reduction. There is some evidence that certain minerals can aid weight loss, too.

Daily Super Multi-Vitamin

Our Daily Super Multi-Vitamin features an optimal blend of more than 60 high quality ingredients to promote overall wellness and fill the gaps in your diet that may occur while on a weight loss program.

  • Contains 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Helps preserve lean muscle mass
  • Assists in improved circulation and brain function
  • Contains natural botanicals for healthy skin and hair


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