How can I get rid of cellulite?

Genetics plays a significant role in a person’s tendency to develop cellulite. Even some lean people have cellulite, although weight is certainly an important contributor. Cellulite is caused by breaks in the connective tissue below the skin, which allows fatty tissue to squeeze through. The areas of the body where this occurs, typically the thighs and buttocks, tend to have a “dimpled” appearance. A greater amount of fatty tissue produces a greater bulging effect.

“Fat patterning”-the way a person loses and gains weight-is genetically predisposed. During weight loss, your body will draw fat for fuel in a specific pattern. Some people, for example, lose excess fat in their face or waist before they begin losing in their thighs and hips. While exercise can help you lose weight and tone muscles, it will not cause you to burn fat in specific areas.

Maintaining a lean, healthy weight and exercising for good muscle tone can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, but may not make it disappear completely. Drinking plenty of water every day and eating a healthy diet will help your skin look better and therefore can also help the area in which you have cellulite look a bit better. Creams and items that stimulate circulation and make the skin look smoother may make the area look better, but they do not eliminate the cellulite.