How fast will I lose weight on the Lindora program?

Weight loss results vary among individuals depending on factors such as age, gender, weight and body size, metabolism, lean to fat ratio, degree of physical activity, program compliance, etc.

Although it’s not possible to guarantee an individual’s rate of weight loss, we can provide information based on a study of Lindora clinic patients: In a previous study over a six-month study of 6,032 Lindora clinic patients found that those who were in dietary ketosis at least 90% of the time (during the Weight Loss module of the program) and who recorded at least 25,000 pedometer steps per week averaged a 3.2 pound weekly weight loss overall. Keep in mind that this is an overall average per program cycle. Some people lost more per week and some lost less. Weight loss does not happen in a straight line; there are bumps up and down along the way from beginning to end.

Based on the results of this study and years of clinical experience, it’s generally safe to expect that a person who is following the Lindora program correctly and is moderately active will lose an average of approximately 2-5 pounds a week.