How is the Lean for Life® program different from Atkins and other diets?

The Lindora Lean for Life® program is different from other diets in several ways:

1. The program includes a Weight Loss Phase that is followed by a Lifetime Maintenance Phase. The eating plan is initially low carb, low fat, low calorie and moderate protein. Gradually, more carbohydrates and calories are added so that the diet is not restrictive (practically any food can be consumed some of the time), and that people learn how to better control their weight in the long-term. The amount of carbohydrates recommended is based on your activity, hunger, and weight loss results.

2. Lean for Life® is a comprehensive program that addresses the physical as well as the mental and lifestyle issues of weight control.

3. The Lindora program is personalized. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the program is modified depending on your starting weight, hunger and activity level, age, and goal.

4. The Lindora program is medically-based. Medicine is an art and a science and, like any other science, is not stagnant. We are constantly learning from new research, ongoing studies, and the personal experience of hundreds of thousands of clients on the program in clinics and at home. Some diets are advocated by medical people (Atkins, for example) but do not stick to the same rigorous expectations that we require. Whenever comparing weight loss programs, you should be most curious about long-term results. Losing a lot of weight in a short time, just to regain it all back (usually plus more) in a shorter period of time, is of little benefit medically, physically, or psychologically. Our long-term clients have done very well in maintaining their weight but it requires ongoing effort and support. Look for articles and information about the Lindora program from other media sources as well. The program has been recognized by major television programs and newspapers across the country.