Tips for Dieting and Constipation

There is no question that weight reduction dieting can lead to constipation for some people. High protein diets are more often implicated than are other diets.

Constipation is often caused by mild dehydration, so the first step in preventing and resolving constipation is to increase daily fluid intake. Taking a natural fiber supplement can also be helpful.

For people experiening frequent constipation, we often recommend either sugar-free Metamucil or Citrucel three times a day. You may also want to try the Lindora fiber supplement products that you can find on the online store at The next line of treatment is Colace, an over-the-counter stool softener that is not associated with habitual use. In some cases, a glycerin suppository is recommended. In extreme cases, if a laxative is necessary, Milk of Magnesia may be taken.