I’m a vegetarian. Will the Lindora program work for me?

Yes, vegetarians can be successful on the Lindora program. There are lots of meat free food options that fit into our program. The protein food selections during the Weight Loss phase include tofu, veggie burgers, eggs or egg substitute (such as Egg Beaters), cheese and non-fat milk, yogurt, fish and chicken. There is also a variety of optional Lindora protein products that may be used during the program. (Some contain soy protein and some contain various forms of milk protein.)

Protein products (such as bars, drinks) used during the program should contain a maximum of 170 calories, maximum 16g carbohydrate, maximum 5g fat, 8-15g protein per serving size. You may need to use a partial portion of some products to fit these guidelines.

Lindora also offer vegetation Lindora Fresh meals. Lindora Fresh meals are pre-made, ready to eat and Keto-friendly.

The Weight Loss phase of the Lindora is more restrictive than the Lifetime Maintenance phase. Once you achieve your goal weight and move on to the maintenance phase you will be able to choose from a much wider variety of foods.