Meal Programs and Lifestyle Support for Overweight Teens and Children

Lindora has treated a lot of teens, pre-teens and children over the years. On last count, more than 1,600 kids and teens have completed the program. For kids, being overweight can have much more severe social consequences than adults.

Most kids need “a lot of help” and support in losing weight, primarily through frequent visits and close follow-up over a very long period of time. Generally speaking, the more often we have contact (whether in a clinic or long-distance online or by phone) the better the results in weight loss and maintenance.

If you are in southern California, I invite you to visit one of the Lindora clinics and speak with the medical staff about program options. If not, you may want to start with the BodyPride book, with support provided through the Lindora Online or Lindora By Phone programs. You may order the BodyPride book, as well as the program, online or by calling 1-800-LINDORA (1-800-546-3672). We continue to develop long-distance programs of support. The results are encouraging.

You may also consider contacting your primary care provider, pediatrician, or the pediatric department of a local university-based hospital in your area to inquire about their programs.

Some important points to consider when evaluating and choosing a weight loss program for your child:

1. The program should be comprehensive and address self-image, psychological barriers to weight loss, physical activity, medical status related to weight gain and loss, and cultural influences.

2. The diet should consist of real food and not just packaged foods.

3. The program should be personalized. Rather than a one size fits all approach, the program should be modified depending on one’s starting weight, hunger and activity level, age, and goal.

4. It’s more expensive, but I would recommend a medically-based program. Medicine is an art and a science and, like any other science, is not stagnant. We are constantly learning from new research, ongoing studies, and the personal experience of hundreds of thousands of clients on programs in clinics and at home.

Whenever comparing weight loss programs, you should be most concerned with long-term goals. Losing a lot of weight in a short time, just to regain it all back (usually plus more) in a shorter period of time, is of little benefit medically, physically, or psychologically.