What Are “Usable (Useable)” Carbs? | Lindora Clinic

Many of the Lindora high protein nutritional products contain ingredients that are classified as carbohydrates but cannot be fully absorbed and “used” by the body. Some of these carbohydrates are from non-soluble fiber sources and some are from other sources such as ‘polydextrose’, which is a polymer of dextrose and is used as a bulking agent. Even though these ingredients are not fully absorbed by the body, they must be included in the ‘Total Carbohydrate’ number listed on the product’s nutritional label.

Lindora refers to the carbohydrates that are absorbed and metabolized by the body as the “usable” carbs. This usable carb number doesn’t include the portion of the ingredients that are not absorbed.

Unfortunately, the consumer cannot determine the “usable” carb number by reading the product label or ingredient list. You’d have to know which ingredients are not fully absorbed, how much is absorbed, and how much of the ingredient is used in the product to calculate the “usable” carbs. You cannot, for example, just subtract the fiber grams from the total carbs. The product manufacturers provide Lindora with the “usable” (also called “bio-available”) carbohydrate number for each product.

The “usable” carbohydrate number is available for each of the Lindora products so that people on the Weight Loss portion of the program will have a more accurate determination of the number of carbs they are consuming for dietary ketosis. Information for each Lindora product is available through the online store at www.Lindora.com or by calling 1-800-Lindora.