What is the Lindora Metabolic Fitness Treatment Program?

In your journey to become healthier and lean for life, having an accurate and thorough health evaluation is a smart way to help you succeed. We designed the Lindora Metabolic Fitness Treatment Program so you and your Lindora team can gain a better understanding of what is crucial to your unique health needs and goals. This program includes some of the most cutting-edge health evaluations available, combined with an innovative assessment tool called the Metabolic Fitness Quotient® (MFQ), and a customized, comprehensive treatment plan.

Find out your risk for such conditions as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome and other preventable diseases that may be associated with insulin resistance and excess weight. Features of the Lindora Metabolic Fitness Treatment Program also include:

  • The VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Cholesterol Test, which identifies 50 percent more people at risk for a heart attack than a standard cholesterol test. Cited by The Wall Street Journal as one of the “five tests worth paying for–that can save your life”, the VAP Test is recognized as the new gold standard in cholesterol measurement and management.
  • A chemistry panel that includes the Hemoglobin A1c Diabetes Test, the best predictor of Type 2 Diabetes; C-Reactive Protein, a marker of inflammation which scientists agree fuels the development and progression of atherosclerosis; and more than 20 other diagnostic values.
  • The MFQ, an assessment tool designed to help you “know your numbers” and track your results.

The program can empower you, bringing you insight about your true current state of health beyond how you look or feel. This knowledge can help you realize the potentially life-threatening health conditions that you can take action to prevent or even reverse. In as little as 10 weeks, many Lindora patients discover that the changes they make in their diet, level of activity, and other lifestyle choices can result in significant health improvements. We invite you to contact Lindora today, and find out more about the screening evaluation that could change–or even save–your life.

The Metabolic Fitness Quotient (MFQ): Do You Know Your Numbers?

We all have important numbers stored to memory, such as PINs, security codes, telephone numbers, and significant dates. But here’s a number to keep at the forefront of your mind, because it could be critical to your health and your future: The Metabolic Fitness Quotient, or MFQ. The MFQ is a tool used to assess the results of your health evaluations (such as the VAP and Chemistry Panel) in one manageable, comprehensive score. Once you know your MFQ, you “know your numbers” so you and your Lindora team can work together to help lower your score and reduce your risk of disease.

Metabolic Syndrome

Research suggests that people with metabolic syndrome are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke and more than three times as likely to die from such occurrences. At the end of a recent eight-week study of Lindora’s diet and exercise regimen, more than 50 percent of affected participants no longer had the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, signifying a substantial decrease in their risk of developing the related chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. For more information and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this serious condition refer to “metabolic Syndrome” FAQ.