What will I get from the Lean for Life book?

The ‘Lean for Life Phase One: Weight Loss’ book is the essential source of information and guidelines that you’ll use throughout your Lindora Lean for Life program. It contains the complete instructions, guidelines, eating plan and food choices, and daily instructions for the program. Correctly following and “doing” the book will help you achieve optimum results for safe and healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Throughout the book, you’ll find valuable information and techniques to help you overcome cravings and temptation. ‘The Six Essentials For Success’ on pages 10-18 will help you achieve your immediate weight loss goal as well as your long-term weight maintenance goals. The Lean for Life program is not just a weight loss diet; the goal of the program is to help you “learn” to become Lean for Life, and the “Six Essentials” will show you the way.

For the best results during your program, you’ll want to complete the Daily Action Plan that is included in your book for each day of Weight Loss. Studies show that people who keep an accurate written record of their food intake and activity are more likely to experience long term weight control success. These records will help you evaluate your program and identify what’s working for you and what you may want to change to achieve optimum results.

For optimum results, you’ll refer to your book throughout your program. Your Lean for Life book is not simply a book you’ll read, it’s a book you’ll “do”.

Note: The ‘Lean for Life’ book was revised and improved in 2001 and the title was changed to ‘Lean for Life Phase One: Weight Loss’. This second edition book contains more and new information and easier to understand guidelines.

Individuals who are interested in maintaining their healthy, lean weight will want to use the ‘Lean for Life Phase Two: Lifetime Maintenance’ book (formerly titled ‘Staying Lean for Life’). This book guides and supports you through the day-by-day challenges of weight maintenance. You’ll gain the skills that will help you stay focused and committed to new, healthful behaviors.