Will I get better weight loss with a darker ketostick result?

Individuals can vary as to the degree of color they “show” on the ketostick. Any color on the ketostick, from pink to purple, indicates fat burning (ketosis). Individuals can vary as to the degree of color they “show” on the ketostick. Some people get a darker ketostick color and achieve the same results as someone with a lighter color.

Your “positive” ketostick color result can vary throughout the day for many reasons. Your ketostick color can vary depending on whether you’ve just eaten a meal (it can temporarily lighten) or if you’ve just exercised (it can darken because you’ve burned more carbs and fat). Some days you may eat a few more or less carbohydrates and still stay in ketosis yet get a different degree of color. If you drink a large amount of water or other calorie-free liquids within a short time of checking your ketostick, you may see a lighter color due to the temporary dilution of your urine.

A ketostick result of white or beige generally indicates you’re out of ketosis, however, and you’ll want to follow the Protein Day guidelines until you’re back in ketosis. (That can take several hours or up to three days.) Once you’re back in ketosis you’ll resume the Weight Loss Menu Plan.

Note: If you have lost at least 4-5 pounds (2-3 kg.) in the first week of the Lean for Life program and are consistently losing at least 2-3 pounds (1-1.5 kg.) a week thereafter, combined with the other “symptoms” of ketosis such as decreased hunger, improved mood and energy, then you may be in ketosis and it’s not showing on your ketostick, for a variety of possible reasons.