1. I have arthritis. Would losing weight help?

  2. I love water, but eighty ounces a day is a real challenge for me. Why do I need to drink so much water on the program?

  3. I take thyroid medication and have had difficulty losing weight. Is this medication, or my thyroid condition, preventing weight loss?

  4. I’m a diabetic. Is it safe for me to do the Lindora program?

  5. I’m a vegetarian. Will the Lindora program work for me?

  6. I’m on long term maintenance. What are some tips for eating better?

  7. I’ve heard that, when people lose a lot of weight, it’s just water weight. Is that true?

  8. I’ve lost weight before but always regained it. How can I prevent that from happening again?

  9. I’ve noticed a lot of protein bars on the market. What can you tell me about them, and how do they differ from the Lindora bars?

  10. If I’m doing weight training, should I increase my protein or carb intake during Weight Loss?

  11. Is Aspartame Dangerous?

  12. Is Dietary Ketosis Bad for Your Liver?

  13. Is exercise an effective “antidepressant?”

  14. Is fish a good food to add to my diet?

  15. Is green tea healthy? Does is help weight loss?

  16. Is green tea healthy? Does is help weight loss?

  17. Is hair analysis useful for determining recommended vitamins and nutrients during weight loss?

  18. Is honey a better, healthier choice than regular white granulated sugar?

  19. Is it important to drink water on the Lindora weight loss program?

  20. Is it necessary to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates for weight training and building muscle mass?