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The science of success

We know what it takes to lose weight and keep it off—and we can help you do it.

With more than 15 million patient visits since 1971, the experts at Lindora Clinic have developed a deep understanding of the science of weight loss. Our 40 years of clinical research and experience, combined with an ongoing passion to continually improve and enhance our program and protocols, has earned Lindora Clinic a reputation as the gold standard in the field of weight management.

At Lindora Clinic, you’ll begin your weight loss program with a special lab panel that starts the process of determining your current level of fitness. You’ll then meet with a Clinic physician or nurse practitioner for a brief physical examination and evaluation for such health risks as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and other preventable conditions and diseases associated with being overweight. The program is designed to help you “Get Fit InsideTM” by actively improving your health through weight loss, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

Depending on your weight loss goal, our friendly, expert medical staff will guide you through either a four or eight week weight loss series. You’ll learn how to activate your body’s natural fat-burning system, allowing you to burn stored fat for energy while protecting lean muscle. You’ll also learn to integrate Lindora founder Dr. Marshall Stamper’s “Six Essentials for Lifetime Weight Control” into your daily life. These are the principles our most successful patients embrace and follow every day. The one-on-one support you’ll receive during your visits will help you stay focused and motivated.

At the end of your weight loss series, you’ll complete two weeks of Metabolic Adjustment, during which you’ll increase calories and portion sizes to raise your metabolism. If you’ve achieved your goal weight, Metabolic Adjustment will prepare you for successful weight maintenance. If you have additional weight to lose, you may begin another weight loss series.

Since the Lean for Life program is medically-based, we can prescribe safe medications, when appropriate, to assist you in controlling cravings and to contribute to your ultimate goal of improving metabolic fitness.

Combining our experience as pioneers in the science of weight loss, our holistic “Eat Better, Move More, Stress LessTM” approach, and four decades of clinical research and results, the Lean for Life program helps you combine the right mix of diet, exercise, supplements, stress management skills and more to improve your metabolic fitness and enhance your body’s ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Because when it comes down to it, losing weight is only a partial victory. Lasting, long-term success is the ultimate goal.

Lean for Life works—and we have the scientific evidence to prove it.

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