Premier Membership Benefits

Do you have Premier Status?

All Wellness Plus and Wellness Unlimited members automatically receive Premier Membership Status on their first anniversary with us. As a Premier Member, you’ll receive an added level of exclusive monthly benefits including free specialty wellness shots, free gifts and discounts on some of our best products and services. And as your commitment to a healthy lifestyle grows, so do your membership benefits – getting even better over time.

Additional benefits included with Premier Status

Specialty wellness shot

Specialty Wellness Shots with vitamins and amino acids that can revitalize your complexion, help you fight fatigue, kickstart your metabolism and diminish the effects of harmful free radicals. Choose from a menu of 6 new specialty shots – you’ll get one free each month.

Exclusive Offers on some of our most popular products and services. Including discounts only available to our Premier Members. You can save hundreds on your favorite proteins, treatments, boosters and more.

Free Gifts

Free Gifts that will include some of your favorite Lindora products as well as other premium gifts that will fit perfectly into your healthy lifestyle.


Keep up the good work… and earn more

Lindora is a lifestyle change and a long-term commitment to living healthier. The beauty of your Premier Membership is that as your commitment grows, so do your benefits. The longer you’re with us the better the benefits become.

And, of course, your membership will always include the care you get from our clinic staff who will continue to provide you every day accountability, encouragement, support and recommendations.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your clinic to learn more.