Specialty Wellness Shots

Hydrate. Boost. Protect. Restore.

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Lindora specialty wellness shots help you battle the effects of modern day life, giving you the energy, the immunities and restorative powers from vitamins and amino acids that help improve your overall health. Improve the way you feel and the way you look with our six new specialty wellness shots.

Anti-Aging Skin Glow
Revitalize and rehydrate your complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, facial lines and age spots. Collagen – the key ingredient – helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

Energy Super Charge
Fight fatigue and power through your day with a super-charged boost of essential B-vitamins that help replenish energy and improve overall mental acuity.

Skinny Shot
Kickstart your metabolism by putting B-vitamins and amino acids to work on your fatty tissue, helping you reduce water retention and combat those stubborn hard to lose pounds.

Antioxidant Cleanse
Diminish free radicals, toxins and impurities with the help of antioxidants that can help speed recovery.

Immunity Max
Protect against nasty cold and flu strains by arming your immune system with a powerful barrier to help fend off illness.

Stress Relief
Reduce inflammation, irritability and free radicals to help your body relax so you can find your inner calm.

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