Culver City Weight Loss Clinic

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6101 W. Centinela Ave Suite 120, Culver City CA, 90230

Phone: 310-215-8188

Fax: 310-215-8191

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Lindora Clinic in Culver City, is a weight loss clinic that helps patients achieve weight loss goals through medically based and supervised ketogenic meal programs. Beyond losing weight, we can help you feel empowered and bolstered to achieve all of your goals and transform your life from the inside out.

Our Culver City weight loss clinic is all about your needs and challenges. We begin the program with an individualized assessment. We use comprehensive lab work to help you determine the challenges you face, and help you break down the weight loss barriers you face. With the best support, education, and resources available, you’ll stay motivated and committed and watch your life transform right before your eyes.

Using our program will help your body begin reducing fat. You’ll be given a detailed menu plan that’s created specifically for your needs, with whole foods making sure you receive all the right nutrients. We base our meals on a collection of smart carbs, power proteins, and good fats. You’ll also be given guidance on our three core components: Nourish. Move. Breathe. These will help you understand how nutrition choices, fitness regimens, and stress management can change your body.

Our Culver City weight loss center empowers our patients through a four phase system: The Prep, Rapid Weight Loss, Metabolic Adjustment, and Lifetime Maintenance. These phases, combined with personalized care from medical professionals, detailed fitness plans, and weight loss maintenance education ensures our patients get the best care in our Culver City clinic.

Some of Our Services

  • Individual Sessions with Medical Experts
  • Lifestyle Assessments
  • Adapted Meal Plans
  • Customized Fitness Programs
  • In-Clinic and Online Plans
  • Online Recipes and Digital Tools
  • Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies

The Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic lifestyle program has been crafted over the span of 45 years to ensure our patients have all they need to not only achieve their weight loss goals but transform their life for good. That’s living Lean for Life, and that’s our promise to you.

Live like you mean it.

Live Lean for Life.

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