Orange Weight Loss Clinic

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2534 Santiago Blvd, Suite A, Orange CA, 92867

Phone: 714-974-9330

Fax: 714-974-7428

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Orange weight loss clinic has been dedicated to helping people become Lean for life since 2000. Our patients find our program is designed to achieve more than weight loss; with individualized attention and a clinically-based approach, you’ll have all you need to completely transform your life.

Our Orange Lean for Life weight loss program is made for you. We’ll personalize a program that fits your needs by taking you through a customized lifestyle assessment. We’ll determine the unique obstacles you face, and help you overcome any challenges that come your way. You’ll become stronger and smarter, and find yourself empowered to make lifelong changes.

Our program is easy to follow and designed to help you reduce fat through healthy habits. We design a personalized menu for your needs, and you’ll find that your frequent meals incorporate whole foods filled with smart carbs, power proteins, and good fats. You’ll also follow three core components on our program—Nourish. Move. Breathe. These were designed to help our patients become aware about the ways their eating choices, exercise habits, and stress management patterns can impact overall health.

Our Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Orange weight loss center helps patients achieve lifelong weight loss through four phases: The Prep, Rapid Weight Loss, Metabolic Adjustment, and Lifetime Maintenance. In our Orange weight loss center, you’ll receive meal plans, fitness guides, one-on-one sessions with medical professionals, and all the resources needed to make a transformative change.

Some of Our Services

  • Detailed Lifestyle Assessments
  • Complete Menu Plans with Online Recipes
  • One-on-One Sessions with Medical Experts
  • Individualized Fitness Programs
  • Online and In-Clinic Plans
  • Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies
  • Digital Tools

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic has spent 45 years finessing a therapeutic lifestyle program that sees our patients succeeding in their weight loss goals. Our philosophy is to help you do more that decrease a number on a scale; we’ll help you completely transform from the inside out. It’s our philosophy, and that’s what it means to be Lean for Life.

Live like you mean it.

Live Lean for Life.

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