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1717 Simi Town Center Way #2, Simi Valley CA, 93065

Phone: 805-823-8774

Fax: 805-823-8195

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Simi Valley weight loss clinic has helped our patients become—and stay— Lean for Life since 2015. We are more than a weight loss program; our clinically-based methods to enduring weight loss will strengthen you every step of the way as you achieve your goals.

Our Simi Valley Lean for Life weight loss program is designed around your needs. We’ll start with a personalized assessment that uses detailed lab work to optimize a plan for you. We help you identify your unique needs and challenges, then help you jump over the hurdles to weight loss. You’ll get smarter each day,

By following our core components – Nourish. Move. Breathe. – you’ll learn that how you eat, exercise, and manage stress every day directly affects your health. You’ll eat from a delicious personalized menu that uses whole foods based on a foundation of power proteins, good fats, and smart carbs.

The lifestyle program at Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Simi Valley weight loss center is made up of four phases – The Prep, Rapid Weight Loss, Metabolic Adjustment, and Lifetime Maintenance. With menu plans, detailed fitness routines, and one-on-one sessions with medical professionals, you’ll have the best care possible in our Simi Valley weight loss center.

Some of Our Services

  • One-on-One Care with Coaches, Nurses, and Medical Providers
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessments
  • In-Clinic and Online Plans
  • Individualized Meal Plans
  • Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies
  • Digital Tools and Online Recipes
  • Fitness Programs

Our therapeutic lifestyle program has been over the span of 45 years, and Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic is about so much more than losing weight. You’ll receive a program built around you, and transform your life from the inside out. It’s our philosophy and promise, and that’s what it means to be Lean for Life.

Live like you mean it.

Live Lean for Life.

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