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29525 Canwood Street Suite 105, Agoura Hills 91301

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Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Westlake weight loss clinic has made it our goal to help patients live Lean for Life since 1994. Our clinically-based approach to sustainable weight loss has given our patients the strength and empowerment they need to completely transform for the better.

Our Westlake Lean for Life weight loss program is customizable for your needs. We’ll kick off your program with a personalized assessment that will provide us with the insight we need to form the best plan possible for you. We’ll take into account the barriers you’re facing, and help you work towards breaking these barriers down. You’ll get smarter each day, and access all the necessary resources for continued success in our Westlake weight loss center.

Proper nutrition is essential, and we’ll custom create a personalized meal plan for your nutritional needs. You’ll find yourself eating often from a vast menu made with whole foods and composed of good fats, smart carbs, and power proteins that will help you begin to reduce fat storage. We’ll also encourage your success with three core components: Nourish. Move. Breathe. These effective tenets will ensure you understand how your eating habits, exercise routines, and stress management habits affect your overall health.

You’ll find a four-phase methodology in our Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic Westlake weight loss center. Following these four phases—The Prep, Rapid Weight Loss, Metabolic Adjustment, and Lifetime Maintenance—is simple and effective. During these phases, you’ll be equipped with personalized care, meal plans, fitness programs, and online tools to ensure you have all you need for success in our Westlake weight loss center.

Some of Our Services

  • One-on-One Care with Medical Experts
  • Personalized Fitness Programs
  • All-Inclusive Lifestyle Assessments
  • Digital Tools and Online Recipes
  • Detailed Meal Plans
  • Online and In-Clinic Plans
  • Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies

For the past 45 years, Lean For Life® by Lindora Clinic has been dedicated to crafting the ideal therapeutic lifestyle program. Our patients receive only the best care, and are inspired, strengthened, and supported in their weight loss goals. With our help, you’ll not only lose weight, but change for good. That’s being Lean for Life, and it’s our promise to you.

Live like you mean it.

Live Lean for Life.

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