Taking Care of Ourselves

Many of the women I know have too much to do and too little time. As a result, they struggle to make time to take care of themselves. In fact, self-care activities are often last on their to-do list. Here are three tips to help you make your health a top priority in your life. […]

Water Works

How much water do you drink every day—and how often do you drink it? Many people can’t accurately answer that question because reaching for water is second nature. They drink when they feel thirsty. But those who make a conscious choice to drink at least 80 ounces of water every day experience multiple benefits from […]

Stress and Weight

Do you reach for the cookies or chips when you’re feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Eating foods high in sugar and salt is a common response to stress cravings. But many who live stressful lives are successful in managing their eating—and their weight. What’s their secret? They know that while they can’t always control the […]

Teach Your Children Well

My brother, Bernie, is a terrific father. Over the years, I’ve watched Bernie and his wife raise two healthy, happy kids. His daughter, Amelia, and her husband are now raising an active little guy named Jack. Bernie has a quiet way of leading by example. As you would expect, given my father’s passion for teaching […]

Mom-Daughter Contest Fever

There are few things I love more than enthusiasm and positive energy, and there’s plenty of both surrounding our upcoming Mother-Daughter Weight Loss Challenge! The deadline for entries is Friday, April 17, and we’ve received some amazing entries from some very motivated moms and daughters. When we announced the competition several weeks ago, we said […]

Eating Well When Dining Out

Dining in restaurants when you’re trying to lose weight can be a real challenge. Even the most seemingly healthy entrées can become high-calorie mistakes thanks to oversized portions and hidden calories from sauces, dressings and preparation techniques. No one knows this better than Bruno Serato, master chef, entrepreneur and owner of The Anaheim White House. […]

The Heroes Next Door

There are all kinds of heroes. Some live bold, remarkable lives and end up becoming the subjects of best-selling books and movies. Others live more simply and quietly, yet in the process still make big differences in seemingly small ways. I was fortunate to celebrate both kinds of heroes recently at an event in Long […]

Be My Guest At A Special Event

Who are your personal heroes? For many, it’s a well-known athlete, actor, musician, politician or social leader, a “household name” most people would recognize. But my personal heroes are people whose names aren’t widely known—people who have quietly overcome odds and obstacles to accomplish great things in their lives. People like Diana Rosenfeld, a Lindora […]

Getting “Smart” About Goal-Setting

The holidays are behind us and the resolutions we made on New Year’s Day have either taken root—or died on the vine. Most of us begin the New Year with high hopes and the best of intentions. According to a 2014 University of Scranton survey published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, “lose weight” is […]

Cheating Ourselves

A trip to New York City is always energizing, but the visit I recently returned from was an especially exciting adventure. I went with the four winners of our “Mommy Movement Challenge”, a weight loss/lifestyle competition in which moms throughout Southern California were encouraged to form teams and lose weight following our Lean for Life […]