Get Your ZZZs:Snooze To Lose

Did you know that sleep—or a lack of it—can impact your weight as well as your overall health? Studies show that nearly one-third of American adults get less than six hours of sleep a night. This is significant—and a real problem with potentially serious consequences. A team of researchers from the University of Chicago found […]

Conquering “Sit-itis” By Moving More

Do you have any idea how many hours a day you spend sitting? I recently asked a friend that question and she was quick to respond: “Hours? Sitting? I don’t have time to sit around doing nothing!” I assured her I wasn’t accusing her of being lazy and explained that I was actually asking a […]

How A Box Of Cookies Inspired New Book

When I tell people that a box of cookies led to the creation of The New Lean for Life, they often think I’m joking. But it’s true. In 2012, one of our Lean for Life patients returned from a vacation in Paris with a gift for me—a box of gourmet dark chocolate European tea biscuits. […]

A New Year, A New Book!

It’s an exciting time of year!  Not only are the holidays in full swing, but we’re just days away from the official release of The New Lean for Life! And as I look forward to the New Year and all it will bring, I’ve also been reflecting a bit on the past. Before there was The New Lean […]

They All Won – And All Lost!

If you live in Southern California, you may have seen news coverage for Lean for Life’s “Battle of the Badges” finale, which took place December 4 at Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Headquarters in Monterey Park. The event marked the end of a weight loss competition in which two LASD teams—10 women vs. 10 men—faced off […]

Success by the Numbers

We’re halfway through the Battle of the Badges face-off, and the two teams are making amazing progress! It’s Men vs. Women-a Battle of the Sexes-and both teams are playing to win. Here’s a quick overview of how the two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department teams are doing as they progress toward the final weigh-in showdown on […]