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The Best Fat Burning Foods

It goes without saying that you burn fat when you are active and exercising. But did you know some foods also help you burn fat just by virtue of eating them? Although it seems like eating is a sedentary activity, your body is hard at work the whole time. As it digests, absorbs and metabolizes […]

Energy While Losing Weight

How to Increase Energy While Losing Weight

Being on a weight loss plan can play a major role in energy levels as the human body relies on nutrients from food to produce energy. There are ways to find balance during this process to ensure you lose weight and keep energy levels up. How Dieting Can Affect Mood If you’re dieting and experiencing […]

Increase Testosterone

How Testosterone Affects Weight Loss for Men

As you age, perhaps you’ve experienced slight weight gain despite eating and exercising the same way you always have. You can blame some of this on declining levels of the male hormone testosterone. Normal testosterone levels help keep the body lean and muscular because the hormone binds to fat, carrying it out of the body […]

Losing weight after having a baby

Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Having a baby is an incredibly life-altering and rewarding experience, but childbirth and recovery can take a toll on your body and emotions. As you recover in the first few weeks, your precious newborn may keep you up at all hours with what feels like endless feedings and diaper changes. You may look in the […]

Why Sleep is so Important for Weight Loss

Why Sleep is so Important for Weight Loss

Given the amount of stress and sensory stimulation in the world today, nearly everyone has suffered from insomnia at one time or another. Recent statistics indicate that one in four Americans will suffer from insomnia this year, and as many as 10% suffer from it regularly. Sleepless nights are more prevalent with women, and conditions […]

Stress and Weight

Stress and Weight

Do you reach for the cookies or chips when you’re feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Eating foods high in sugar and salt is a common response to stress cravings. But many who live stressful lives are successful in managing their eating—and their weight. What’s their secret? They know that while they can’t always control the […]

Eating Well When Dining Out

Eating Well When Dining Out

Dining in restaurants when you’re trying to lose weight can be a real challenge. Even the most seemingly healthy entrées can become high-calorie mistakes thanks to oversized portions and hidden calories from sauces, dressings and preparation techniques. No one knows this better than Bruno Serato, master chef, entrepreneur and owner of The Anaheim White House. […]