10,000 Steps

10,000 steps a day? That’s right. That’s the number of steps research suggests are needed every day to be an active person and maintain good health. At Lindora-managed clinics, staff and clients alike set 10,000 steps as a daily activity goal—and many of them exceed it!

How can you know how many steps you’re taking over the course of a day? By using a pedometer. A pedometer is a small, lightweight device, worn on your shoe or belt, that counts every step you take—not just when you’re “exercising”, but as you go about your day. At the end of the day, clients write down the number of steps they’ve taken in their Daily Activity Planner, then push a button that clears the counter for the next day.

10,000 steps may sound like an awfully big number, but you’ll probably be surprised to find out how many steps you take in a typical day.