Car cooler snacks

“I feel like I spend all day driving around in the car, hurrying from one stop to another. In the past, I wouldn’t even stop to eat. By the time I picked up the kids from school, I was so hungry that I’d give in to temptation when they wanted to stop for fast food. I decided that had to stop, and bought a small cooler for my car. Every morning I pack it with a healthy lunch and snacks for the day. I also include healthy snacks for the kids, so we don’t have an excuse to stop for fast food. I usually prepare the food in the evening, to save time in the morning. The packages of lean cold cuts are conveninet to take along, or even a cold chicken breast and cut up vegetables, or left-overs from the previous dinner. Each night I fill a water bottle about three-fouths full to the top and place it in the freezer. The next morning, I place the bottle of frozen water in my cooler to keep everything cold. As the water melts, I also have cold water to drink! This has worked very well for me.”