Counting Carbs vs. Fats

The debate over whether carbohydrates or fats are the greater culprit in America’s growing obesity epidemic continues daily in the media. The bottom line is that too many of us are consuming far more of both than our bodies need. The excess calories, of course, are stored as body fat. In this era of fast food “super-size” meals, we’ve become conditioned to believe that larger size portions are the preferred size. Did you know that some new cars are equipped with cup holders large enough for a 44-ounce soft drink? That’s more than 500 calories! “Super-sizing” a fast food meal can add more than 1,000 extra calories! Sometimes, more isn’t a good deal. So while the debate about carbohydrates versus fats is relevant, the truly important nutritional question for each of us to ask is “How much am I eating-and how much do I need?”