Create a list of “rewards”

As you work toward your weight loss goal, it’s important to recognize and reward yourself for the interim goals you’ve achieved along the way. Although weight loss itself is certainly a “reward”, it’s beneficial to have other little rewards along the way that keep you motivated and make the process fun. For example, you may want to reward yourself every time you lose five pounds. Or each time you stick to your weight loss plan while at a party. Keep your interim goals small and achievable enough to keep you motivated. If the “reward” is too far in the future, it loses its immediate power.

The rewards don’t have to be “big” or costly, although many people like to increase the “value” of the reward as they get closer to their final goal. Some people reward themselves with time alone, or time to engage in a favorite activity, or time for relaxing in a bubble bath, or to sit in the shade and read a good book. Other rewards may include such things as a subscription to a favorite magazine, a manicure and/or pedicure, a facial, a massage, a music CD or tape, new sports equipment, new cologne, a pretty scarf or a piece of fun jewelry. Choose whatever you’ll enjoy, and write out your list in advance so you can anticipate the rewards and have something to look forward to! Post your list where you’ll see it every day – like on your refrigerator!