Drinking Green Tea

For some time now, human and animal studies have revealed a link between tea and good health. Green tea has substantial health benefits. It’s made from the unfermented leaves of the tea plant. Black tea is made from the same plant, but the leaves are fermented. In the process of fermentation, certain compounds called catechins are mostly destroyed, thus making black tea less healthful as green tea.

The catechins in green tea lower blood levels of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol, and increase levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol. Green tea reduces the risk of stomach cancer, and possibly other cancers. It also reduces the risk of stroke.

The antioxidant properties of green tea seem to be destroyed, however, if you add milk to your tea. Milk proteins apparently bind with catechins to make them unavailable. The more milk you add, the less able green tea is to do its unique work on behalf of your health. So have a tea party and enjoy!