“Hug” exercise

This is a wonderful exercise that benefits both your body and your mind. For maximum benefit, you’ll want to do it several times a day, starting when you first get out of bed in the morning.

Here’s what to do: swing your right arm around in front of your body and and reach your hand up over your left shoulder, placing it on your upper back. Now use your hand to rapidly “pat, pat, pat” your back five times. When done, relax that arm down by your side. Next, swing your left arm around front and reach your hand over your right shoulder and place it on your upper back and “pat, pat, pat” five times. Relax your arm when done. Keep alternating your arms, doing at least three sets at a rapid pace. And here’s an important part of that exercise: each time you “pat, pat, pat” say one of these affirmations out loud: “I am so fantastic!” or “I feel so good!” or “I love my healthy body!” — or use any other positive affirmation that you prefer.

Doing this exercise correctly makes it an aerobic activity that burns carbs, so it’s good for your body. Saying the affirmations and being aware that you’re giving yourself a well-deserved “hug” makes it an activity that benefits your mind —and that ultimately benefits your body too!