Lower the fat in your turkey dinner

Although the white meat of turkey is naturally low in fat, there are several ways you can further reduce the total calorie content of the entire meal, including the turkey.

1. Pre-basted turkeys have been injected with oil and broth. To keep the fat content low, purchase an un-basted turkey instead of the pre-basted type.

2. While cooking your turkey, baste it with fat free broth instead of fat. Covering the turkey with foil will help retain moistness. To brown it, simply uncover for the last thirty minutes of cooking.

3. To reduce the fat content of gravy, pour the pan juices into a fat separator cup, which allows you to pour the broth while the fat stays in the cup. Another method of separating the fat is to pour the turkey juices into a bowl and add a few ice cubes. When the fat rises to the top and hardens, you can easily skim it off.

4. When making dressing (stuffing), use whole wheat bread instead of white bread, and moisten it with fat free broth instead of fat.

5. Reduce the fat content of mashed potatoes by using skim milk, nonfat sour cream or nonfat yogurt and butter-flavored sprinkles.

6. Make cream-style salad dressings with nonfat mayonnaise, nonfat sour cream, nonfat yogurt, or use store-bought fat-free salad dressing.

7. You can modify your pumpkin pie and other dessert recipes to easily reduce the calories while still retaining the flavor and consistency. Use evaporated skim milk; substitute egg whites for whole eggs; reduce the sugar by 25 percent.

8. When making casseroles, use low-fat cream soups, nonfat sour cream, and nonfat cheeses.