Motivator Cards

One of the major reasons people fall short of their goals is that they lose focus and forget all the reasons they had for setting their goal in the first place. That’s why at Lindora, we encourage people to create their own Personal Motivator Cards. To create yours, take some note cards and on each card, write down one benefit you’ll enjoy from achieving your weight loss goal, such as “I’ll feel good and look good in my clothes” or “I’ll be able to keep up with my grandkids” or “My blood pressure will be normal.” Put your cards where you’ll see them every day-in your wallet or purse, on your bathroom mirror, on the visor in your car. Read your cards several times a day, especially when faced with “eating events” that usually trigger cravings. Before long, your reasons for losing weight will become second nature. And when you have one of those days when you question why you’re working hard to reach your goal, you’ll have your answers handy.