Prep for Success

“For as long as I can remember, never having time to prepare meals had been my downfall. It seems that with my work and school schedule, I never had time to make myself something good to eat. I was always grabbing a snack on the run and eating while I was driving. When you live alone, it’s an easy pattern to develop.

Then one day my best friend was visiting and made a comment that really woke me up. She said that I spent more time every day taking care of Spirit, my dog, than I did taking care of myself. She urged me to go shopping once a week so that I’d have good food in the house. In fact, she actually took me shopping that afternoon to show me how little time it really took when you go to the store prepared.

When we returned home, we spent about an hour chopping up vegetables and other foods and putting them in zip-lock bags. We even prepared several meals so that all I’d have to do in put them in the oven. In less than two hours, I bought and prepared enough food to eat well for an entire week.