Tips for restaurant dining

Choose a restaurant that you know serves the type of food you can eat. Avoid buffets; studies show that people tend to eat more when faced with a large variety of food choices.

When served, judge the portion size of your foods. Ask for a ‘take out’ container to be brought with your meal, and immediately (before eating) take the ‘extra’ food off your plate. Take the food home to eat later or give it to someone else to take home, or leave the box on the table.

If you tend to binge on bread, request that the bread basket be removed from your table to avoid temptation. If your dining companions want the bread basket on the table, be sure it is placed out of your reach — all the way across the table. If you choose to have some bread, take a small piece and then ask the server to remove the basket.

Keep a lively conversation going throughout the meal so that you are less focused on food and more focused on enjoying the company of your dining companions.